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The Australian Alchemist

Book 1 - The Awakening

Darren's amazing journey of self-healing will have you asking for more. This is a journey that you won't want to miss. Darren identifies exactly how he changed the course of his life through multiple choices and self transformations. Many of which he has included in his own healing teachings.  Darren will discuss how he learned empowerment from his wonderful partner of seven years.  The Australian Alchemist series has a little something for everyone. ​

You will be taken on a special unique spiritual journey to alchemy which is my life. Learning how to work with an amazing spiritual guide “I am The Purest Light Of The Highest Good”. Much like the alchemist but more based on my real-life journey that I have been through from suicidal thoughts/ attempts, cancer diagnosis, depression, and relationship break ups. - Darren


 It’s a real-life journey that incorporates exercises that you can integrate into your life at all stages of life. These exercises can be done at any time of the day or night. You have no restrictions or controls as it’s a guide to living a positive life.

It gives people a clear message “As long as it works for you that is the most important thing”. Regardless of where you are at you will receive a sense of healing and realise that you have free will to make your own choices. No matter where you are from and what has happened to you, you can come out in an enlightened state. 


You will feel rejuvenated, re-energised, and reinvigorated as you connect with the purest energy. Your intuition will start to blossom and you will be able to interpret those messages clearly. 


Overall this book will open up your light from within and allow you to radiate your glow. Empowerment, resilience, self-worth, and seeing the world through a new set of lenses. Nothing better than that?

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