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Darren is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met, he knew things about me that have never been publicly posted, knew about events that had occurred the previous day and was aware of pains that I was suffering from and where those pains were even before we spoke. Both he and Dina have been wonderful to me, the readings have been spot on, they know where my strengths and 'loves' are even before I said anything. They are incredibly kind, generous, loving people who see right into our hearts and souls, Darren's healing has been most effective and even now as I am going through some of the toughest times I know that Darren and Dina are there for me and interceding on my behalf. I think the world of them both and thank them from the bottom of my heart, a truly wonderful couple. Highly, highly recommend them.”

Jason Drake
London, UK


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Dina and Darren are unique in their approach. Genuine, helpful and empathetic. Biggest point of all is the accuracy. Both have different skills that combine beautifully. Highly recommended!


Neil McLean and Gai Reid

Gold Coast, Australia

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If you asked me how I felt before Darren and Dina came into my life, I would have told you "Fine". Of course I had "Stuff" and "Things" burdening my heart - who doesn't? Of course I felt isolated and stagnant, not really sure what I should be doing with my life - who hasn't? After my first consultation, I wasn't sure this opportunity was the right one for me - timing, finances, "whatever"... I nearly convinced myself, too. But, a month later, another opportunity arose to speak with Darren, and I decided to take a breath and a leap of faith, and go with it. Not long after that call, I found a quote that describes what has happened (well, lots of them, but this one spoke so well to that first big exhale into trusting the work, the process, and trusting THEM): "...'Come to the edge', he said. They said, 'We are afraid'. 'Come to the edge', he said. They came. He pushed them... And they flew." Dina and Darren are exceptional guides, highly skilled, intuitive conduits of the energies and voices of the Universe and vessels of the purest kind of Love. Moreover, they are genuine, always encouraging, and willing to do the work with you as long as there is work you feel you need to do - if you are willing to stand at the edge of everything you know, take a deep breath, and leap into Possibility with them, you will discover just how beautiful flight can be! Forever grateful for all of the blessings that have come through Dina and Darren, I am on my way to a life that exceeds everything I thought I could have, defying all the shackles of my past, and loving every moment!  


Los Angeles, USA

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Working on myself is a strong focus of mine in life as I am always hungry to learn for improvement in my business and life in general. I have felt for sometime there were areas in my life I needed to improve and hadn’t found someone who could provide the missing pieces I was after. After searching for something unique my path met with two amazing and genuinely wonderful people in Dina and Darren.

After working with them for almost a year I felt equipped in ways I never had before. They offered advice, knowledge and displayed a set of skills that combined together guided me to move forward in life to be the strongest version of myself I can recall to date.

I now have found a position in my career that allows me to be happy and opportunities are presenting themselves more frequently. I have lost over 15kgs and returned to a sport I haven’t been involved in competitively for 15yrs and will be competing in Ironman Australia 2019.

I am greatfull to have met Dina N Darren and would highly encourage people to consider undertaking the process of transformation with the guidance they have to offer. Whether it be from a professional/corporate focus, elite sport performance gains or being the best version of you. I can assure you that it will be your best decision that you have made to date. “

Troy Stein Real Estate
Brisbane,  Australia

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Dina and Darren have been an incredibly powerful duo in my spiritual transformation. While I have always been a very spiritual being, I sought their services (highly recommended through my friend) after being in a highly toxic relationship that left me in one of the darkest places in my life. Within a matter of weeks I have not only been healed but I am exponentially more aware and enlightened of everything in my world. I have never felt so close to my truest self.  



Los Angeles 

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Dina and Darren are simply superb! Both individually and collectively, they have walked me through some very tough issues with the most caring, constructive and real input I have yet received from anyone. They have spoken powerfully into my life and the Angel healing sessions with Darren have healed my body during exceptionally trying times and calmed my spirit. They have given me small, practical tips to apply in everyday life that have made all the difference between me coping or caving in completely. I look forward to doing more work with these very special, genuine, gentle Souls, whom I believe have been sent straight from Heaven to heal and help guide so many of us who are needing a special touch from Above.   



South Africa

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Dina N Darren changed my life. They took me from Caterpillar to Butterfly language. I truly live the Dream. The guidance Teachings love and care I received I can never ever thank them enough. If your considering learning from them make the choice that will change you to a happier confident healthier and more fulfilled person. You will not regret it. Live the way you always Dreamed of. Yes it is possible you just need to make the choice yourself. They will guide you every step of the way. The dedication- transparency and availability go above and beyond. Your a true blessing to our planet and our people. A trillion hank you’s are not enough - Namaste   


Debbie Rose

Melbourne, Australia

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