Your Soul Alliance

The trajectory of where you stand is intrinsically linked to the coordinates of your life. Know that We seek to deliver information to you in a way that you understand. The ability to connect to higher realms is developing within so that when you are required to connect your abilities act

with your advancement. Limitations have been removed. It is time to create the new so that the old may dissipate. Selective processes have been developed to allow for the higher frequencies. Note your abilities and how they come to you with grace and ease. Abundance is before you, seeking you and allowing you to give. Transformative properties lie at the heart of your growth. You are ready to step into your own. Now you know your purpose as you have followed your guidance and have integrated with your soul alliance. Continue to step confidently into your natural being. You are here for a reason. Continue to allow the steps to your light. Namaste 🙏 Dina

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