Which one are you a Leader? Follower? or Lone Wolf?

We are taught at school to Follow the rules. We are taught to follow a hierarchical system. Then we enter the playground the extroverts automatically become the leader because the majority think they have all of the confidence.

The lone wolves however walk to the beat of their own drum and leaders and followers don’t know how to interact with them. If a follower, they will join the lone wolfs pack, if a leader, they will try and fight the lone wolf and bring them back into line.

But there are certain leaders out there that recognise that the lone wolves have undeniable strengths and abilities and note that they can interact with them without an issue.

This is why it is difficult for lone wolves to do anything in the world because they all feel that they have to justify themselves during every situation.

Spending time in their own company is the lone wolves comfort zone, for they can be themselves without judgement or criticism. Lone wolves seek to challenge no-one but themselves.

If this resonates with you and you would like to know more please feel free to send us a private message and we will arrange a time to discuss where you fit and how you fit into the complexity of this world. 😇♥️🙏Dina and Darren

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