Tap back into your subconscious

You know how sometimes you can be in an important meeting, discussion or event and because everything is so overwhelming you forget half it or the important parts...

Well know further will this happen through the energy that Darren connects with is so powerful it can replay the video so you can get the main content and truth...

I was working with a client last who has been asked to participate in a job, but this job is so specific they don’t normally contact people this way.

I said it has come through a particular person and to go through each conversation with them. I asked the client to think of the person name in your conscious mind and than during a contact with the third eye treatment the client got that specific clarity from the discussion and worked out all the aha moments of what was missed.

Than after that the client completely let go and the real buzz began, the client described that the cells within the body started pulsating like a fractal beat and started at their toes and worked slowly up their body getting stronger and more intense. The client said “Felt completely safe and not scared” just what a rush and at the end didn’t want it to finish.

Afterwards had so much clarity and energy could describe the feeling and the truth but not exactly what was I was told to the tell the client “You will receive complete clarity after your sleep”. Just received a message from the client saying everything has been revealed to them ready for the job.

It is amazing the capability of purest light of the highest good can do when you completely trust...

Namaste Darren 🙏

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