Dimensional Shift

Further to yesterday’s story about us being awakened and some of us wanting or seeing much of our past present themselves in our current lives....

As our DNA develops we are beginning to develop greater capabilities to enhance our being into the 5th dimension. Some of those capabilities include the transference of thought without any words.

It was interesting as Darren and I experience this quite often, however last week we were driving along a main road at approximately 60km and a cockatoo flew out in front of the car and suddenly time stopped for us and the bird. We could clearly see his wings and his face as All of three us stopped in time and looked at each other. This was unlike anything I have felt or experienced before especially with someone else. It was a dimensional shift that we all felt. The bird was so close to the windscreen and yet he was not hurt. It lasted for approximately five seconds.

Two days later we had a meeting with a friend for approximately three hours. I noticed this feeling again where we were in our own bubble and everyone around us spun like a centrifuge until they were gone. Then when I returned my gaze completely new people were now seated.

The ability to experience dimensional shifts is a part of our awakening. To now experience these gifts with others is amazing. I am grateful to go through this transition as we upgrade.

I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced similar?



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