Caring for yourself

Feeling compassion for others is a deep seated understanding that All is not as it outwardly appears.

When we read another through their energy or through emotional intelligence we seek to understand rather than to judge.

Allowing this innate ability is a gift which we can give to others in their time of loss, sadness or discord with the universe.

This connection provides them with a safe place to just be. We all need to feel our array of emotions it is part of our journey.

In all that is gifted boundaries should stay clear so that we do not give too much of ourselves. In every situation we have a choice as to how we respond or how we decide to feel.

We can reevaluate this at any time. Know your own capabilities and boundaries to ensure that you not only look after and guide others but you look after yourself too. Your well-being is paramount to how others feel as we all emit vibrations. The higher the vibration the more goodness we attract into our lives. Loving and caring for yourself is essential to assisting others on their life path too. Namaste 🙏 Dina. #love #healing #transformation #boundaries #workshops #angels #guidance #energy #reading #frequency #vibrations #brisbane #melbourne #sydney #perth#hobart #adelaide #croatia #losangeles #california #sanfrancisco #canada #london #europe

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