Lately we have received a influx of contact from previous clients all over the world indicating their desire to return to people, jobs or things from their past that they had previously released and moved forward from. It is really apparent to us that the level of retrograde that is occurring globally has pullled people into a vortex of wanting to reassess their past relationships, friendships, partnerships, jobs and overall lives. This cycle is occurring due to the planetary cycle which will be occurring until the end of 2018. Please don’t be disheartened by these desires to return to your past as they are here to serve you. You may try to go back and re-examine people, jobs, relationships etc but it will be short lived. For those of us who have awakened and are on a our own clear path to serve humanity will struggle to tolerate being back in those situations for any length of time. Know that both Darren and I have felt this pull to return but know that it is essential at this time to return to the basics that we have taught which include grounding, meditation and gratitude. Please don’t be hard on yourself as this will pass once the planetary systems have returned to supporting our journey of moving forward. Always embrace, allow and then let go. Never try to force anything as it will only continue to retract. Many of the cards that we are receiving are very clear “ wait” and “retreat”. Knowing completely that on the other side is happiness, prosperity and fulfilment. You will notice many people are feeling deep seated pressures at this time. If anyone is struggling with their past please feel free to PM us and arrange a free 15minute consultation. Allow us to help you recentre and realign yourselves to your gifts. Namaste 🙏 Dina and Darren 😇💛🙏👌💝💖💖💝💝

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