Excerpt No. 1 ...

Back when I was four years old the greatest and scariest thing happened all at once. One day I was playing outside in the dirt with my trucks like boys do and all sudden felt this surge of energy pulsating through my body and was covered in goosebumps from head to toe. Then I had this voice saying that “I am pure light of the highest good and I am not going to hurt you” “This feeling your experiencing is love healing energy”. My first reaction was to get up and run inside to be beside my parents. However,I didn’t move because I just knew that it was safe.

After I had finished playing I went inside to tell my parents. My parents were in the living room and I ran up to them ready to tell them my experience and the amazing events. Just as I arrived in the room my parents said that I was to go for a shower. During the shower I received another pulsating experience and the voice said “I am pure light of the highest good and people won’t understand what you are going to try explain to them” I didn’t understand any of this because I was only four.

Being a curious four-yea- old can be great but also scary when having such a powerful experience happens. After hearing that no one would understand I felt alone but also somewhat special because I had been chosen. What for at that time in my life I had absolutely no idea!! A couple days went by and I had nothing and I starting thinking that I wasn’t so special after all until boom the energy force flushed through my system and I heard “I am pure light of the highest good and I have been giving you a little time to experience what you have been placed here for?” Tentatively I asked what have I been placed here for? To which the reply was “You will see in due time however now is learning how to work with me?” I got a little braver and asked “who are you?” "I am pure light of the highest good and you already know who I am?" Then the conversation ended to which I was left standing in the backyard wondering who are you?....

Excerpt No. 2 ...

Wow are you a super hero like Batman or are you my brother playing a joke on me? I looked around and couldn’t see anyone around me. Next thing came the voice “ I am the pure light of the highest good and before I reveal who I am, I am first going to teach you how to work with this powerful energy and how to respect this greatness.” So the lessons first started with me learning how to receive this amazing energy without being shocked every time. Each day whilst in the backyard in nature the voice would first announce “I am the light of the highest good” to which then the most powerful energy would enter my body from the top of my head all the way down to my toes. This happened for awhile until one day the voice said “I am pure light of the highest good and I will show you what you can do” I was told to go inside and walk up to my mother. When I entered the room where she was I saw her upset and crying. I stood there for a few minutes and all of sudden my mother said “WOW I feel so much better, I don’t know what happened but I feel amazing”. I was told by the voice not to say anything and walk back outside.

I didn’t know why my mother was crying at the time, I just saw her singing and dancing around the house like she had won the lotto.  Now this got me thinking what did I exactly do?

Excerpt No. 3 ...

All these thoughts running through my head and bouncing around like a pinball machine. How,What,Why and Oh my god what just happened... I was standing in the backyard with all this going around my 6-year -old head and the voice returned “I am pure light of the highest good and that is only a taste of what you will be capable of when you get older”. This totally blew my socks off knowing that I am going to be the greatest healer but I have to wait till I am older. When you are kid waiting for things to happen feels like watching paint dry. However, the next year went by very quickly as I was being asked by this pure light of the highest good to go to people in the school and stand in front of them for a couple of minutes and then disappear. Then you see them change in front of your eyes and have the best day at school. This one day at school I remember very clearly I was now 8 years old and this boy was sitting alone for lunch and the voice boomed through me “I am pure light of the highest good you must go over to this boy and sit with him”. So I did that and started a conversation with him about school. I saw his mood change and his energy I felt it vibrate at a higher frequency. We became friends and we were chatting a few months later about that day and his life, he told me that he completely changed from the day he met me. He said to me that he was planning in his head that day how to end his life because no one liked him at school and his home life was terrible because his mum left and his dad wasn’t coping. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart for saving him and his dad. The energy also absorbed into his dad and he changed as well. He knew it was me who did that... WOW I saved two peoples lives and I thought to myself how many more will I?

Excerpt No. 4

After the truly greatest moment in my childhood, what could be greater than that? Well it certainly does get better but not until I was older. During the next few years of my life I kept receiving this powerful healing energy proceeded by the voice “I am pure light of the highest good and I will start to teach you how ask for me and explain to you who I am?” WOW I would finally get to understand who you are and how to bring you through. When you're 10 years old this seems very overwhelming considering the magnitude of this spectacular gift to which I have been chosen for. It was a normal day and once again in nature the voice came “I am pure light of the highest good and your first lesson is to “Trust”. I ask the voice “trust what?” “Trust Me, sometimes life is not going to go as planned, but your trust in me will elevate all of those fears” “Love energy and fear energy can’t coexist in your body at the same time” I being very game and inquisitive asked “Does that mean you are Love?” “This is not yet ready to be revealed to you yet, first you must learn to trust” With that the voice was gone and I was left there wondering what did the voice mean by 'Trust Me'?

Excerpt No. 5 ...

I sure learnt very quickly what trust me meant as my life went from being very good to extremely bad in a short space of time. First thing was we were moving from Western Australia 4000km over to the other side of Australia to Cairns. So all the friends I had made was gone. Second thing was I had to get braces on my teeth and I hated needles. Ever since I was a little boy I had been poked with needles because I suffered really bad from headaches and now I had to have two needles one on either side of my mouth. Third thing was we had leave my trusted blue healer dog called “Matey” behind. WOW the triple whammy of experiences and now my brain is thinking what the pure light said trust me. How could I trust anything when everything in my world had turned upside down?  I was really not coping with losing everything in the blink of an eye and to top things off now had to have these things in my mouth. I was thinking my world had ended and I wasn’t going to be chosen for this amazing gift. I was standing in outside at our new house and all of a sudden the voice appeared after not having contact with me for at least 6 weeks. “I am the pure light of the highest good and I said to trust me?” To which I replied with “trust, how can I after everything that has just happened and now have to these things on my teeth and I am going to look really bad” To which the voice replied “Love energy and fear energy can’t coexist in the body at the same time, you have been in fear for a lengthy period of time, trust me?” As those last words hit my brain I felt the greatest emergence of love healing energy bounce through my body and I felt completely immersed and surrounded by everything possible.

Excerpt No. 6 ... 

A couple of days later I was in the backyard and I asked for the pure light to be with me and the voice came “I am pure light of the highest good” and I said “I wanted to thank you for helping me through this last few weeks, I know it has been you working behind the scenes. The voice replied “You trust and I show. Now it is time for your second lesson Believe. Your trust and belief will be tested by unexpected people, you will start to see visions” I asked intriguing “visions of what?” The voice replied “The visions will be shown in due course.” With that the voice disappeared but left me there thinking about these visions and what were they going to show me?

Excerpt No. 7 ...

The voice was once again 100 percent correct as my belief was tested in ways that I would never imagine. I was now a teenager to which I might say really changes your life when hormones kick in. Then you also have peer group pressure of either being a follower to fit in with people and have friends or you do your own thing which you end up not being true to your beliefs. Well being in a new place and being a tall skinny kid who wasn’t very coordinated at sports or apart of the cool kids group. I thought no one would understand anything what I can do and the best thing to do is not to acknowledge the voice because I needed to fit in.

Excerpt No. 8 ...

However, I knew that I was protected with the cosmic energy of the pure light and also my father from my humanness. As the year went on I got better at darts and soon became a key player in the team. Our team was in the Grand Final against another team and in that team was my teacher. Before we left for the place the voice came through, “I am the pure light of the highest good, remember about the darkness” and he protected me the this massive infusion of energy. When we were playing the game came to the singles match and guess who was my opponent. Yes my teacher, I had the protection around me to which I shut everything around me out including my opponent and the crowd. I remember the game starting and then it was finished. It happened that quickly I didn’t have a chance to recognise what I was doing. I remember shaking his hand after the game was finished and looked over at the score board and I had really powered through the game and he didn’t do so well….Can you guess what my teacher did next????








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