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It's Your Time To Shine

This is an amazing life-transforming 10-week package that will change your life forever. This is a one of a kind course that is completely individualised to meet your needs.  Dina and Darren work alternatively for an hour each week to put your life on fast forward. Relationships? Career? Life Purpose? Trauma? Loss of a loved one?  Anxiety?  There is no other course like this!!! We do not lock people into contracts.  You are free to cancel at any time.  


If you are seeking definitive guidance/mindset reprogramming and care in a safe, nurturing environment then you are definitely in the right place.  Book your program today and you will never look back again.  If you have been struggling with any area of your life we are here help you take your life to places that you have only previously dreamt of. 


We work face to face with our Brisbane clients and via Zoom or Facebook messenger with our Interstate and International clients. Pre-book your ten-week program now and pay for your first session online.  The remainder of the payments can be made via PayPal or card over the phone at the end of each individual appointment. Ensure you book your session at a mutually suitable time.  Please read our testimonials to see how much people's lives have dramatically transformed.  We look forward to being an integral part of your completely confidential journey. Each individual weekly session is $125.00 AUD.  Please make your first payment by clicking on the book now button.  Currency conversions will be arranged as per your locality.  

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