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Follow Your Heart 444 welcomes you to Australia's number one Emotional Fitness Retreat. If you are seeking a once in a life time, unique experience then look no further. Our team of Specialists will provide you with a  journey to enlightenment, empowerment and energy resurgence.


We will captivate all of your senses to ensure that you will feel awakened emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our team of resilience experts will tantalize your taste buds with exceptional organic cuisine and transform your thinking through meditation, mindfulness and re-energizing treatments. You will experience many light bulb moments that will enable you to open your mind and find fulfilment.


Our experts have a combined life experience of over 50 years and have transformed their own lives and others significantly. It is now their time to provide you with the tools that will enable you to become relaxed, reassured, revitalised, confident, self aware and will enable you to find the answers that have until now, always remained unanswered.

EMOTIONAL SUITCASE: When we open the channels to the universe of connection of love grows deeper. Everyone has the connection capability to the universe and angels. We just have to open ourselves up and allow that magical flow to occur. Why? I hear you ask. It is simple we are all created through oneness . It is fear throughout our lives which has prevented and put emotional blocks in our way. Everyone has heard about baggage from previous relationships, well we all have an emotional suitcase which has been given to us at the start of our lives. The role models in our lives have filled it with positive and negative emotions. Deep down there is emotional blockages which are holding you back from having a successful relationship, career, financial abundance and health. We can help you to heal from the loss of pets, family members, relationships, jobs, not seeing your children and lots more.

GROUNDING and EARTHING: It is so vital to our life that we some times doing it without noticing it. Do you ever just take your shoes off or not wear any shoes when you walk in the backyard? This allows our feet to feel the energy which is coming from mother earth and gives us a sense of completeness and feeling whole. This wonderful feeling “Grounding” and it is related to our base charkra which helps us with balance in our lives. Next time you have the urge to do this take the time out of your day and go with it. It only has to be for around 5 minutes or more depending on how you are feeling and what is happening in your life. This is something that we teach people to deepen their connection with the universe.

AWAKENING: We live in a world fraught with labelling and keeping people in a perpetual state of fear and financial distress. When we can over come much of which is programming via school, families and television we are finally able to speak our truth and be comfortable, some for the very first time in our own skin, with our own gifts that remained under the surface until the time is right for you to shine your light. Then you realise your potential and what you truly have to offer the world. That is a very exciting moment knowing the enormity of people that are awakening around the globe and connecting so that we can resonate with like minded souls to continue to raise the vibrational frequency.

ASCENSION and LOCATING LIFE PURPOSE: To me it is not loneliness it is a period of time where we need to just “BE”. To come into our full potential to actualise of gifts. Once they have been actualised we magnetically attract like minded souls that resonate with our being. All of those stages are important. If we appreciate each one of these gifts we will note that they are actually propelling us forward not backwards. Yes, “A leap of faith” is another vital part of this journey.

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